Thursday, August 2, 2012

உபயோகமான மருத்துவ தகவல் - குறிப்பு

 Useful Information
Here I give you an useful information. If you are spending heavily on drugs , you can cut down the cost by comparing the prices of the same medicine marketed by the different companies.

1. Log on to

2. Click on 'Drugs'

3. Click on 'Brand'

4. Type the brand name which you are using (e. g. Metocard XL (50 mg). The site will also help you with drop down menu) & Click on 'Search'

5. Click on 'Generics'. It will display the ingredients of the tablet.

6. Click on 'matched brands'

7. Don't be surprised to see that same drug is available at very low cost also. And that to by other reputed manufacturer. e. g. Metocard XL 50 is for Rs. 62.00 & same drug by Cipla (Mepol) is available ONLY @ Rs. 7.

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